Quotes by Johnny Mize

“The pitcher has to throw a strike sooner or later, so why not hit the pitch you want to hit and not the one he wants you to hit?”

Quotes about Johnny Mize

“I never saw so composed a ball player.”
early manager Ray Blades

“Taking a pitch, Mize actually followed the ball with his eyes right into the catcher’s mitt and he maintains that he actually could see the ball hit the bat.”
sports writer Tom Meany

“The greatest rookie I’ve ever seen.”
Cincinnati manager Charley Dressen

“Ain’t he a wonder? Why he’s a big cat.”
St. Louis Cardinals teammate Joe Orengo

“We always did know how to pitch to him, but some days when you’re squatting behind the plate Mr. Mize’s bat swells up.”
Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella

“Did you ever see a pitcher knock him down at the plate? Remember how he reacted when brushed back? He’d just lean back and on his left foot, bend his body back and let the pitch go by. Then he’d lean back into the batter’s box and resume his stance, as graceful as a big cat.”
Cardinals teammate Stan Musial